Mobile Marketing Tours

Custom Promotional Marketing Vehicles

Up the impact of your large-scale marketing plan by adding a mobile marketing tour by EventPro. Flexible, mobile, and highly visible, a branded tour vehicles help you reach your target audiences quickly and cost-effectively with:  

  •  Hands-on product demonstrations and training with customers and staff.
  •  Face-to-face interaction with decision-makers in a controlled, sales-friendly environment.
  •  Experiential marketing programs that immerse customers in your brand.

EventPro can customize any commercial vehicle to serve your objectives. Develop direct marketing contacts and leads. Create the "wow" factor at trade shows. Generate media exposure for your brand. The possibilities for mobile marketing tours are endless! 


Why Mobile Marketing Tours?

Maximize your resources

When your marketing budget is limited, a self-contained, secure mobile marketing exhibit is an efficient and effective medium to get your message directly to your target prospects.

Consolidate your costs

Instead of spending your precious resources transporting staff, equipment, exhibits and products to trade shows and meetings around the globe, think mobile tours. 

Empower your staff

Investing in a quality product mobile and professionally run tour reduces the logistical burden on your team and puts your valuable staff resources where they need to be -- in front of your potential customers!