"Your slogan, 'when customers won't come to you, you must go to them', holds true. With EventPro's help and guidance, we've launched the world's largest mobile data center - allowing us to bring our products to our top customers and prospects, and present our solutions to key decision makers to close the sale. The results of our first annual ENSA on Wheels SAN Van tour surpassed my initial expectations and I'm happy to renew the program for another year.  Thank you, and keep up the great work!"

-Roger J. Boss
Marketing Programs Manager, Americas
HP Network Storage Solutions

"I can honestly say that in all of the years that I've been doing this, I've never been so satisfied and pleased with an operations company like I've been with you guys.  (Your driver) ... has been amazing, and (EventPro's staff) has been great to work with.  Thanks again for a great tour."

-Arron Saxe
Snap Marketing

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with EventPro Services for many years now.  (Your program manager) ... has become a very trusted partner in the development and delivery of our HP Solutions for Lotus Software.  She is highly competent, flexible, resourceful, extremely efficient, and always in-line with our needs, goals, and timelines.  Often lacking the resources in-house to execute to the levels most often required, it means a great deal to me that I can always count on (her) to get the job done in exactly the manner I would have done it myself.  She has become a valued member of our extended team."

-Camille Davis
HP Global Lotus Alliance Manager
IBM Software Alliances, TSG SA

"If I could hire (your program manager), I would.  Her expertise, professionalism, knowledge, skills, and attitude represent the best of the best.  Since this was my first experience with event planning, she has been an invaluable part of the team.  She manages the most difficult and political situations with aplomb.  Her interactions with everyone from the administrative staff to our CEO and Executive VP's are always exemplary.  She is far more than a resource, I consider her my valued partner."

-Nancy Leo
Worldwide Workforce Development

 "It is my belief that we would not have been able to do this without all of EventPro's ongoing support and dedication to our program."

-Darlene Rossetti, Marketing Manager

"I really do not know how to say thank you enough for the incredible job that you have done to make MEC such an outstanding success for all of us. Everything was very professionally done, and you made all of us look really good. It is a pleasure to work with you, and we are very grateful for your 'monumental' efforts and hours of work."

-Henry Ogilby
Compaq Enterprise Messaging & Collaboration Team 

"Thanks again for helping make IBM win the award for being best in the show at PC Expo."

-Dick Cottrell, Program Manager
IBM PC Company 

"You are the epitome of true professional marketers, not often do I come in contact with a company that meets my expected standard of business and ethical behavior."  

 -Sandi King, Marketing Program Integrator

"On behalf of the Commercial Sales Division of Compaq Computer Corporation, I would like to thank you and your team for your support of our sales meetings. As you know, the roll out of the Regional and Local Area Sales meetings was a critical step in the integration process for the 'New Compaq'. We overwhelmingly achieved success and this would have not been possible without the EventPro team. As a meeting professional for the past 23 years, I commend your team's outstanding performance! I look forward to working with the EventPro team in the future." 

 -Sue Vezina, Events Manager, Marketing Communications
North American Commercial Sales, Compaq Computer Corporation

"As I expressed to you during the Compaq Carnival, (the event) was exactly what I had envisioned. I know that (my boss) was delighted because he asked me several times; 'Who made the arrangement for (this event)?' 'How did you find them?' 'Are all of the other Regional Forums using them?' At our staff meeting on Monday, he expounded on how FIRST CLASS the entire meeting was and thanked (us) for our efforts. Much of that 'thank you' goes to you and the entire staff of EventPro Services. I appreciate you!"

 -Yvonne D. Macredie, Program Manager-GEM
North America Training Services, Compaq Computer Corporation

"EventPro felt like one of the NCD family, caring about our objectives and budget as if they were their own. The results were impressive."

-Lou Greer, Vice President, Corporate Communications

"EventPro works with us as part of our team. They take care of all the important details, allowing us to focus on the customer and delivering our message to them. At events you have to respond quickly to situations and I know I can count on EventPro to come through."

-Lori Winn
Digital Equipment Corporation