42' Mobile Exhibit/Display Trailer


  • Length: 42 ft.
  • Width: 8 ft. 6in.; 13 ft. (with sides fully extended for event)
  • Awning extension: 9 ft., 8 in. (19 ft., 8 in. in length alongside the truck)
  • Height: 13 ft., 6 in.
  • Weight: 43,500 pounds (13,500 front axle; 15,000 each for second and third axles)
  • Bottom Clearance: 1.5 ft.; If path preceding truck parking area is not completely flat, please discuss any inclines and/or declines with your event manager.


  • Requires parking area that is approximately 550 square feet and needs a flat, level, hard parking space. The grad of any rise/ fall should be held to max of 5 %. The truck cannot be parked on grass, gravel or sand. The truck weighs approx 43900.00 48000 lbs.
  • Inside capacity can hold 8-10 people comfortably at a time.
  • Equipped with canopy that extends out to accommodate registration or display table (Total width from curb to end of awning: 22 ft.).
  • Takes up approximately 6 parking spaces however requires 9 total spaces to drive in and out. The truck the does not turn as easily as a car, truck, bus or even an RV/ different design. Typically, want to allow turns two lanes into two lanes.
  • Access to parking area should be free from low hanging trees and over grown landscaping. Again, access should typically be two lanes into two lanes. Tighter turns could result in the truck rolling over a curb and potentially damaging landscaping or irrigation, or flagging systems.


When parked outside, the truck will run on diesel generators. However, inside events entail external power. You will need to order power in advance from the venue. A 220V 50 amp Single Phase connection is required.

For more information, please call 800.480.7026